Keurig K-Cup ® Pods

Starbucks® Coffee, Green Mountain, Brista Prima, Cafe Escapes and TwiningsTM Tea packed full of freshness, aroma and flavour.

Keurig® understands that the best hot drinks start with fresh ingredients.

We source only the freshest and finest coffee and tea available from around the world. We seal in the ingredients' freshness using state of the art technology to delight and satisfy your taste buds at work time after time.

Twinings K-Cup® Pods

Discover the glorious world of Twinings tea.

Thomas Twining first started selling fine tea in England back in 1706. Today Twinings travels across continents to find the best possible teas and flavours. Their expert blending will take you on the richest journey in black, green, and herbal teas.


Original English Breakfast Black Tea

Perfect with a slice of buttery toast or a Full English.

The Earl Grey Black Tea

Still with the Earl’s personal stamp of approval.

Green Tea

A little more pan firing compared to our classic blend; this creates a more subtle grassy taste. Its smooth, mellow flavour makes it simply light and delicate by name and nature.

Cranberry & Raspberry

This blend brings you the best of both delicious fruits: the tart sweetness of Cranberries, balances with the gentle tang of Raspberries.


For centuries, peppermint has been used to aid digestion, making it perfect just after a meal.















Starbucks® K-Cup® Pods

Make your workplace even better with the coffees you love from Starbucks®.

Caffe Verona®

Darker-roasted coffees feature a fuller body and robust, bold flavours.

Pike Place® Roast

Medium-roasted coffees are balanced with smooth and rich flavours.

Blonde Veranda BlendTM

Starbucks® Blonde-roasted coffees have a shorter roast time, lighter body and mellow flavours.















Barista Prima Coffeehouse® K-Cup® Pods

Rich. Dark. European.

Crafted with the coffee connoisseur in mind, Barista Prima Coffeehouse® is an exclusive collection of extra strong, dark-roasted coffees that reflect the refined tastes of traditional European coffee house brews. Producing deep, rich, and perfectly balanced flavours.


House Blend

Classically balanced, rich and delicious with a well-rounded toasted-nut finish.


Bright, bold notes with a hint of walnut and a full-bodied finish.

Italian Roast

A rich, bold, dark blend with a hint of smokiness and a sweet, clean finish.

Italian Roast Decaf

A rich, bold, dark decaf with a hint of smokiness and a sweet, clean finish.















Cafe Escapes® K-Cup® Pods

Rich, creamy, and satisfying.

Every day, you deserve something extra special, just for yourself. Café Escapes® makes this delightfully possible with a delectable collection of indulgent treats. Each one is rich, satisfying and perfect as an anytime pick-me-up.


Hot Chocolate Flavour Drink

Deliciously creamy, full of velvety chocolate flavour.










Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® Pods

Pause, reflect, and re-energise.

A great tasting cup of coffee is so much more than just a drink. It’s a moment to pause, reflect, and re-energise. For us, creating that moment is our inspiration.  We love to make coffee that benefits everyone it touches. From carefully sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans, to supporting small farms and protecting the environment, we focus on what’s important. That's why we believe a good cup of coffee can change your day … but a great cup of coffee can help change the world.


Breakfast Blend

Bright, vibrant and engaging. Our favourite way to start the day.


Three Continent Blend

Hearty yet smooth with a delicate finish: a wonderful symphony of taste.


Colombian Fair Trade Select

Classically balanced, vibrant, and complex with a tangy, tasty finish.


Organic Sumatran Reserve

Deliciously dark and rich, this superb coffee was born in the lush mountains of Indonesia.

French Vanilla

Lusciously smooth with the rich flavours of sweet vanilla cream.



Rich and sweet with the buttery flavour of warm roasted hazelnuts.


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